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5 step security audit for a safer home this spring

As the weather warms up, many of us will take advantage of the fresh spring air by opening windows and doors around the home. However, an open door or window can also pose a security risk and make your property more vulnerable to thieves. Spring is also a time when we start sprucing up the home, making this […]

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Get serious about security

No matter how much of a handyman dad thinks he is, some jobs are best left to the professionals, especially when it comes to home security. We’re all becoming more aware of ways to beat crime and it can be tempting to choose the quick-fix DIY home security system that can be bought from the […]

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Three things you should do when a burglary happens in your street

With many areas across Australia reporting a spike in burglary rates, particularly in Victoria where there has been a 13.7 per cent increase, now is an ideal time to conduct a home security assessment to ensure your security is up to scratch. It can be worrying to hear that someone in your area has been […]

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Smart monitored home security is available now – so why wait?

How soon do you think it will be before home automation becomes mainstream in Australian homes? According to our research, the majority of Australians believe it will be within five years.  And proving that home automation and home security go hand in hand, nearly 40 percent of those that we surveyed said that the ability to […]

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6 questions to ask before investing in a home security system

Home security technologies have come a long way in the last decade. Originally, these systems were hardwired and relied on a telephone landline to work. Today, the home phone is dying a slow death with nearly one third of Australians mobile-only phone users. Home security systems have adapted accordingly. Modern wireless systems use intuitive sensors […]

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Delving into the mind of a burglar – what to consider

Regardless of where you live, every home can be a target for thieves.   While opportunistic burglars will grab cash and easy to hock items such as laptops, tablets and phones, a professional burglar will typically use more sophisticated tactics to target high end homes. Luxury items and jewellery are highly sought after by professional burglars with […]

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What to consider when installing CCTV cameras outside the home

As CCTV technology becomes more accessible and affordable, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Australian home owners installing surveillance cameras around their home. In fact, our most recent Secure Homes Report, revealed the number of Australian home owners who have installed CCTV to protect their home has tripled in the last […]

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ATM security tips to help protect your cash

Most of us have heard about ATM skimming, where a person captures personal bank account details from people using an ATM interface. While most banks today have anti-skimming protection installed on their ATMs, perpetrators are continually finding new ways to steal people’s account information. Some of these tactics include the use of bluetooth skimmers and […]

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Put your valuable outdoor toys away or risk tempting burglars

With the last of the warm weather upon us, many are making the most of the great outdoors by getting as much use as possible from valuable toys and leisure equipment. It’s a common sight to see backyards strewn with bikes, skateboards, surf boards, golf clubs and camping gear, but getting caught up in all […]

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Are your kids’ social media habits putting home security at risk?

The use of social media among teens today is widespread and the personal safety risks are high. Research from the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) shows that 97 per cent of 14 to 15 year olds have used social networking services; and a third of 12 to 17 year old internet users had added […]

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